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The Wind and Hydro Response

In response to New England’s appeal for a clean energy solution, three organizations — each offering a critical piece of the puzzle — have united to form the Wind and Hydro Response.
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Reaching New York’s 50 by 30 Goal: an Anbaric White Paper

The Governor’s 50 by 30 commitment is a critical initiative for New York State to achieve significant carbon reductions. This Anbaric white paper offers a roadmap to meet New York's 50 by 30 goal at an affordable price.
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Neptune Transmission Project

A HVDC undersea and underground power cable that links the PJM grid to New York through New Jersey and provides Long Island with enough power for 600,000 homes.
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A project simultaneously providing a new source of electric power for New York City customers of the New York Power Authority (NYPA), while implementing significant upgrades and reinforcements to the transmission system in New Jersey.
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Anbaric is a project development company located near Boston, MA that specializes in early stage development of large-scale electric transmission systems (especially controllable DC lines) and small, medium and large scale microgrid projects. (Read More)

Anbaric and National Grid Form
Green Line Infrastructure Alliance

The path to a cleaner, region-wide energy future became clearer when two experienced organizations in the regional energy market announced the joining of forces to deliver a unique blend of renewable energy to New England: The Green Line Infrastructure Alliance 

Anbaric: A Company Overview




Anbaric Launches
Microgrid Development Company

Anbaric understands how difficult it is to build transmission, and that non-transmission alternatives (NTA) need to be developed wherever possible and economical. Microgrids often represent the most compelling type of NTA, and Anbaric is applying the project incubation and development skills honed in transmission development to NTAs in the US and abroad. (Site)