Interview: “Is Grid Defection as Real as the Boogieman?” with Dirk van Ouwerkerk

Dirk van Ouwerkerk

Interview appears via Luminext, 08.08.16

Interview: “Is Grid Defection as Real as the Boogieman?” with Dirk van Ouwerkerk

Q&A with Dirk van Ouwerkerk, Partner, Microgrids, at Anbaric, an electricity infrastructure development company focused on upgrading and enhancing the U.S. power grid.

1.  While the main topic I want to discuss is grid defection, let’s start off with something that sparked my interest as a New Yorker. I had a chance to look through Anbaric’s whitepaper “Reaching New York’s 50 by 30 goal” and I wanted your comment on the potential regional energy market proposed in it. The proposition includes a lot of export lines -is this due to the fact that renewable energy storage is still not cost-effective?

The most cost effective trade is actually done by the grid. If you create bottlenecks or restrict access to that trading platform or market, then you won’t have as efficient a market—and that doesn’t benefit anyone. It’s our supposition that the grid in itself is a very good trade mechanism—including for renewables. And because of that, integrating and connecting new technology, including storage, and expanding the existing trading platform through current and future transmission lines to neighboring markets will only make it more efficient and cost-effective for the end user.

2. Would the map look the same if excess power from renewable sources could be adequately and effectively stored?

As with any other commodity, large-scale storage would influence the timing of trade, but it would probably not influence the direction or value of trade.

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