Anbaric is a privately-held company specializing in the development of energy transmission and smart-grid projects. We focus on the development of innovative projects that fall outside the traditional scope of investor-owned utilities. Anbaric project-development services bring the highest value for our customers, investors, and electric power consumers, while addressing the complex challenges of today’s electricity markets.

Anbaric conceives, incubates, develops, and obtains financing for projects that strengthen the bulk power grid, integrate regional markets, and bring renewable energy to population centers. Our top priority is to bring affordable, competitively priced electricity to market by building projects on time and on budget. Our development partners, consultants, and investors share a similar commitment to developing the highest quality projects that meet the latest economic, technical, and environmental challenges.

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Anbaric and Ontario Teachers’ Announce Clean Energy Development Partnership

Anbaric and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan announce a new development company Anbaric Development Partners . The partnership will develop clean energy infrastructure projects in North America, accelerating the revitalization of aging transmission networks. (Read More)

Anbaric: A Company Overview




Anbaric Microgrid

Residents, businesses, and policymakers alike have called for microgrid development in New York. Anbaric and Exelon have responded with Anbaric Microgrid, an initiative that will establish large-scale microgrids ranging from 10 to 200 megawatts at strategic locations throughout the state. (Read More)