Anbaric Transmission Endorses Role for Large Hydro in Regional Energy Purchases

June 19, 2013 – Anbaric Transmission ( today hails the coordinated initiative by five New England states to include large hydro in the mix of resources that could be purchased under a regional procurement for renewable energy.  “This is exactly the kind of commitment that New England needs to secure affordable and renewable energy long into the future” said Edward Krapels, CEO of Anbaric Transmission.  He added that “in this era of historically low natural gas prices and extreme storms, it’s critical to secure low-cost energy supplies as we shift to a greater reliance on renewable energy.  The Governors’ desire to blend of hydro and renewable energy does exactly that.” Anbaric Transmission is a developer of the Green Line Project, a 1000 megawatt high voltage, direct current (HVDC) transmission project that would deliver wind energy produced in Aroostook County, Maine near the Canadian border to greater Boston. It is also developing the Grand Isle Intertie, a 400 megawatt transmission connection between upstate New York and Vermont.

“Anbaric has long believed that combining New England based wind development with firming hydropower resources is the perfect project for the cost-conscious regional ratepayer interested in both increased reliability and renewable energy,” said Krapels.  “Hydropower can enable wind development in the region by lowering the overall cost of transmission needed to bring renewable resources to market and providing the best ‘all in’ price. We’re very pleased to see this initiative by the Governors.  It’s consistent with what they agreed to last July in Vermont at the New England Governors’ Conference and means huge support for the affordable renewable energy development in New England.”

Last Friday, Krapels introduced the Green Line Project as a Commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative in Chicago. “The possibility of international cooperation between the New England States and Canada to address the global challenge of climate change while fostering economic development is very consistent with what we discussed last week in Chicago,” Krapels added. 

Anbaric Transmission, headquartered in Wakefield, Massachusetts is one of three partners in New England Independent Transmission Company (“NEITC”), the developer Green Line. NEITC partners include PowerBridge, based in Fairfield, Connecticut and the Cianbro Companies, based in Pittsfield, Maine.  The three companies worked together on the Neptune Project, a 660 MW HVDC Project between New Jersey and Long Island.  Anbaric and PowerBridge combined to develop the Hudson Transmission Project, a 660 MW HVDC Project between New Jersey and New York City.

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