Anbaric often uses high voltage direct current (HVDC) technology, heralded as one of the “advanced transmission technologies” in the 2005 Energy Policy Act.  HVDC systems have been in use commercially worldwide since 1954, when the island of Gotland was connected to mainland Sweden via a 60-mile cable.  Since then, more than 25 systems have been installed globally.  Most often they are used in marine applications where the distance for AC installation is too great.  Other times they are used in parallel with AC systems where they provide additional operating control for the system operator.

HVDC systems provide many advantages for installation and construction and can contribute greatly to reliable and flexible operation of an electrical grid.  These include:

  • Higher efficiency in moving large amounts of power over long distances
  • Very high reliability with 98.5 percent availability
  • Full controllability when needed to react quickly to changes in AC frequency
  • System oscillations and to be controlled independent of AC system variations or in response to AC system conditions
  • Improving the stability of AC systems, including increasing of the stability of parallel AC lines
  • Overload capabilities and controllability that can be beneficial to overall system operations and reliability
  • Ability to share spinning reserves and supplying peak load power
  • Ability to provide reactive power control and support of AC voltage, frequency control, limitation of short circuit current, and transmission at reduced voltage
  • Greatly reduced vulnerability to adverse weather conditions – such as hurricanes, tornadoes, or ice storms – for submarine and buried cable

Anbaric and Ontario Teachers’ Announce Clean Energy Development Partnership

Anbaric and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan announce a new development company Anbaric Development Partners . The partnership will develop clean energy infrastructure projects in North America, accelerating the revitalization of aging transmission networks. (Read More)

Anbaric: A Company Overview




Anbaric Microgrid

Residents, businesses, and policymakers alike have called for microgrid development in New York. Anbaric and Exelon have responded with Anbaric Microgrid, an initiative that will establish large-scale microgrids ranging from 10 to 200 megawatts at strategic locations throughout the state. (Read More)