Anbaric℠ Project Development

We conceive, incubate, design, and develop transmission projects in the US and around the world.  Anbaric℠ projects typically integrate markets between states, regions, or nations; alleviate congestion on the bulk power grid; and deliver renewable energy, especially wind, to population centers.  Anbaric℠ projects expand and improve electricity markets and increase the reliability and flexibility of the grid.  Our customers include governmental entities engaged in the electricity business, investor-owned utilities, large public power generators or users, state governments, and others committed to robust, competitive power markets.

In the Anbaric℠ incubation process, we work with stakeholders to identify potential projects that provide long-term economic, electricity, and environmental value under a range of engineering, system planning, and macro-economic scenarios.  We then subject such projects to rigorous fatal-flaw and feasibility scrutiny, and examine the project’s environmental attributes, community impacts and its broader political and economic profile.  We reject projects that don’t meet our standards.

For projects meeting our standards, the Anbaric℠ development process continues until we secure construction financing.  We consult with power industry businesses to identify customers for the project; governmental officials to make certain that it is consistent with larger policy objectives; regulators to secure the necessary approvals; environmental, community, and business groups to understand their views and gain their support; equipment vendors to prepare them for expected orders; and debt and equity investors to prepare them for the anticipated investment opportunity.  A typical Anbaric℠ project begins to transmit electricity within 24-36 months from the start of construction.

Anbaric and Ontario Teachers’ Announce Clean Energy Development Partnership

Anbaric and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan announce a new development company Anbaric Development Partners . The partnership will develop clean energy infrastructure projects in North America, accelerating the revitalization of aging transmission networks. (Read More)

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Anbaric Launches
Microgrid Development Company

Anbaric understands how difficult it is to build transmission, and that non-transmission alternatives (NTA) need to be developed wherever possible and economical. Microgrids often represent the most compelling type of NTA, and Anbaric is applying the project incubation and development skills honed in transmission development to NTAs in the US and abroad. (Site)