Grand Isle Intertie

The Grand Isle Intertie is a proposed electric transmission line running from Plattsburg, New York to Burlington, Vermont that positions the Green Mountain State, as well as the rest of New England, to secure affordable renewable power, and move substantially down the path to a carbon-free future.

The New England states have collectively committed to meeting an increasing share of their electricity needs with renewable energy sources. Each year this need grows by the equivalent of 400-500 MW of new wind farm capacity, however, siting difficulties and transmission constraints are making it increasingly difficult to meet this need from resources located within New England. The Grand Isle Intertie will enable the cost effective delivery of renewable power to New England from northern New York, where resources are similarly bottle-necked by intrastate transmission constraints.

SNL: Transmission Developer Rides Neptune’s Success into New England’s Energy Battles

(SNL, May 30, 2014) Anbaric CEO Ed Krapels discusses how the Green Line and Grand Isle Intertie projects will help New England achieve its regional goal of expanding renewable energy usage and infrastructure. (Read More)

Anbaric’s Mission Statement

Anbaric’s corporate mission is to develop innovative, large electric infrastructure projects, and to be good stewards of the portions of those projects we and our investor partners own directly, over the decades to come. (Read More.)

Anbaric Launches Microgrid Development Company

As a transmission developer, Anbaric understands how difficult it is to build transmission, and that non-transmission alternatives (NTA) need to be developed wherever possible and economical. Microgrids often represent the most compelling type of NTA, and Anbaric is applying the project incubation and development skills honed in transmission development to NTAs in the United States and abroad. (Site)