Edward Krapels

Edward N. Krapels is a leader in the rising industry of non-utility electric transmission and distribution development. He is the CEO of Anbaric, a company behind $5 billion in inde-pendent transmission and microgrid projects built to bring lower cost power into dense urban areas, including Manhattan. In 2017, Anbaric formed a joint venture with the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP), creating Anbaric Development Partners, to develop innovative electric transmission and microgrid projects in North America.

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Timothy Vaill

Tim Vaill is the Senior Financial Partner and Chief Financial Officer for Anbaric Development Partners, LLC (ADP). In this role he oversees the firm’s financial planning, financial management, and strategic growth. He is the key liaison with ADP’s co-owner and investment partner, the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan.

Mr. Vaill is the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Boston Private Financial Holdings, Inc, a publically-held (NASDAQ) wealth management company with banking and investment activities nationwide. Prior to his work at Boston Private, Mr. Vaill was an Executive Officer for an American Express subsidiary, The Boston Company, and a senior financial consultant for Fidelity Investments in Boston. Just prior to joining Anbaric Development Partners, Mr. Vaill was on the Economic Development Team for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under Governor Deval Patrick.

Mr. Vaill holds a MBA in Finance from the Harvard Business School, a Master’s in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School, and a BS degree in Mathematics from Tufts University. He serves on several boards and was formerly the Chairman of the Economic Development Council for the Town of Andover, where he resides. He continues as a member of the Investment Committee for the Massachusetts $60 billion State Pension Fund, MassPRIM.

Clarke Bruno

Clarke Bruno oversees the company’s legal affairs and projects in the Mid-Atlantic region, as well as projects in Canada. He has almost two decades of experience in the private and public sector in energy and environmental policy, project development, and litigation and regulatory law.

As counsel to former New Jersey Governor Corzine, Mr. Bruno helped prepare the State’s energy master plan and provided legal and policy analysis on the State’s initiatives to upgrade the grid, spur renewable energy projects, redevelop brownfields, and increase public and private infrastructure investments. As a senior attorney during Mayor Bloomberg’s first term in New York City, Mr. Bruno led the team that won dismissal of four twenty-year old class action lawsuits and revitalized a 50-member legal department. Before entering government, he was a regulatory lawyer and litigator for nine years and clerked for a federal judge for one year. Mr. Bruno has also developed 195 units of low and moderate income housing in New York City.

Mr. Bruno graduated with honors from Swarthmore College where he won a Watson fellowship and cum laude from New York University School of Law where he was awarded a Hays fellowship. He has lived in France, Ghana, and Brazil and is fluent in French and Portuguese.

Dirk van Ouwerkerk

Dirk van Ouwerkerk is Anbaric’s Lead Partner for Microgrids. He has more than twelve years of experience as a strategic consultant and M&A advisor to the electric power industry in the US and Europe

Mr. van Ouwerkerk is specialized in an investment category he defines as “market-based cleantech”, i.e. the segment of advanced energy business models that can benefit from new regulations and government incentives, but that doesn’t need to rely on them for growth. His most recent focus has been on the “productization” of the microgrid: an attempt to turn world-class microgrid examples like those at Princeton, Cornell University, and the FDA into scalable solutions for a broader set of customers.

Soam Goel

Soam Goel, Partner, Special Situations pursues investments in transmission and microgrid infrastructure projects that are under development, campus energy infrastructure, and existing energy infrastructure that can be transformed through significant capital investments.

Soam Goel has been the Chief Commercial Officer of Power Network New Mexico, a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldman Sachs Global Infrastructure Fund (GSIP). He originated the $400M project for GSIP. Mr. Goel founded Enersights in 2004 to provide strategic advice to senior executives of utility companies and financial participants. Prior to that, he spent 10 years with PA Consulting and its predecessor firms where he co-headed the energy M&A practice. Under his leadership, the firm conducted assignments such as company, generation, and transmission transactions – $40M to $8B in size – for utilities, industry vendors, investment banks, and private equity. Mr Goel’s prior experience includes working for the Unilever Group of Companies as part of their fast track management development program. Mr. Goel received B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

Stephen Conant

Stephen Conant is the Senior Vice President for Project Development for Anbaric and President of Green Line Devco, LLC. He has 20 years of experience in the electric power industry. Prior to Anbaric, he was ESAI’s Senior Market Analyst for western power markets.

Mr. Conant has worked as a Senior Consultant for Stone & Webster Management Consultants where he prepared due diligence analysis for major power asset transfers, including coal, natural gas, and hydroelectric power plants and natural gas pipe lines. Prior to joining the private sector he worked 12 years in local, state, and federal government, including three years for the U.S. House of Representatives. Mr. Conant’s experience includes environmental permitting for major capital projects, including air permitting, power plant licensing, and hazardous waste remediation. He also sits on the Board of Directors of the Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust, a non-profit land trust in his hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts that he co-founded in 1990

Bryan Sanderson

Bryan Sanderson has over a decade of experience in energy markets, with a strong background in both the natural gas and power sectors. Prior to joining Anbaric, he held roles in project development and energy marketing with Invenergy, an IPP specializing in the development of wind and natural gas generation assets. In these roles he was responsible for early stage development activities, as well as hedge risk and market modeling for assets approaching or in commercial operation.

Before moving the asset side of the energy business, Mr. Sanderson spent six years providing consulting and market advisory services to a range of clients across the energy value chain, and three years on the energy trading desk of a major hedge fund. In these roles, he was responsible for modeling supply, demand, price, basis, analyzing numerous market-related issues, and communicating his views on the markets to clients and traders. Mr. Sanderson holds a BS and MS in Chemical Engineering from MIT, and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Howard Kosel

Mr. Kosel is an Anbaric Development Partner for the Poseidon Transmission project. Mr. Kosel has over 37 years of experience in the energy industry. Prior to joining the Anbaric team Mr. Kosel was a Managing Director at Abatis Capital LLC, an energy focused private equity firm. At Abatis Capital, Mr. Kosel lead the Asset Team responsible for asset valuation, market analysis and due diligence of prospective investments.

Prior to joining Abatis Capital Mr. Kosel was Vice President of KeySpan Corporation’s unregulated subsidiary KeySpan Energy Development Corporation, where he had responsibility for developing and executing KeySpan’s electric and gas asset strategy, including asset acquisitions, development, enhancements, optimizations and divestitures. During his career at KeySpan Mr. Kosel also served as Vice President of Generation Operations responsible for managing a fleet of 4,100 megawatts and growing it to over 6,800 megawatts of installed capacity. The growth led by Mr. Kosel is highlighted by KeySpan’s acquisition of the Ravenswood Generating facility, a 2,168 megawatt generating facility located in New York City, the development and construction of the Ravenswood 40 a 250 megawatt natural gas fired combined cycle facility and development and construction of 160 megawatts of peaking power plant projects on Long Island.

Additionally, during his tenure at KeySpan, Mr. Kosel held many senior operating positions in electric generation including plant manager and chief engineer, and transmission and distribution including Manager of Electric Design and Construction responsible for managing the maintenance, design and construction of the overhead and underground electric transmission and distribution system on Long Island.

Philip Duguay

Philip Duguay leads the development of Anbaric’s Canadian transmission portfolio, working with provincial utilities, planning authorities, independent generators and various levels of government across the nation, from an office in Montreal, Québec.

Prior to his time with Anbaric, Mr. Duguay held strategic advisory roles managing energy policy issues for the Québec Government Office in Boston, and the Government of the Northwest Territories. He holds law degrees from the McGill University, Faculty of Law, and a BA from Dalhousie University.

Luis Ortiz

Luis Ortiz is a Project Manager for Microgrids at Anbaric. Most recently, Mr. Ortiz served as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Solar Grid Storage (SGS). Prior to joining SGS, Luis was President and co-founder of Ambri (f/k/a Liquid Metal Battery Corporation). Ambri is an early stage company working to develop and commercialize a radical, new battery technology that will revolutionize gridscale electricity storage. Prior to founding Ambri, Mr. Ortiz served as the Research Director of GroupSadoway at MIT from 2008 to 2011.

An accomplished technologist, Mr. Ortiz has ten years of commercial experience in the commercial battery industry serving as both an independent consultant and as a Program Manager for technology transfer while with Valence Technology. Prior to entering the energy sector, Mr. Ortiz was a Six Sigma Blackbelt in Honeywell’s Electronic Materials Division. Mr. Ortiz holds an S.B. and Sc.D. from MIT’s Department of Materials Science & Engineering.

Anthony DeCristofaro

Anthony DeCristofaro is a Project Manager for Microgrids at Anbaric, where he is currently serving as the program manager for NYSERDA NY Prize projects, and a specialist for conventional generation, electrical distribution system design and economic modeling. Anthony has over 25 years of experience in energy generation and infrastructure design, development and acquisitions.

Prior to his role with Anbaric, he held the position of Director of Engineering at an Alstom company and managing positions at private equity and engineering businesses where he was responsible for direct equity investment in generating assets, M&A support, project development and engineering services. In total, he has been involved in the support of well over 100 power generation (including fossil-fueled, hydropower, solar, biomass and other renewables) and transmission and distribution network acquisitions, development or financing. In addition, he has performed project management, technical design and studies on power, industrial and commercial projects. Mr. DeCristofaro holds current Professional Engineering licenses in the states of New York and Texas. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from New York University and an MBA from the University of Massachusetts.

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